Our Mission

To advance and grow the sport of adventure racing — by building a strong community of passionate people, teams, skills, and foster communication.

Our Guiding Principles: 

  1. Embody teamwork and cooperation
  2. Inspire and support athletes of all levels
  3. Unify racers, race directors, local teams, clubs, and sponsors
  4. Be the leading resource of Adventure Racing in California.
  5. Deliver quality information, communication and clinics on all things adventure

More about Us

California ARA is a 501c3 non-profit that uses adventure racing as a vehicle to develop and grow a community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts. We partner with California-based businesses and local parks to help bring the outdoor experience to our community. In 2010, California ARA emerged as the sole organizing body for all California-based adventure race organizers through our establishment of the California Adventure Racing Championship series and the TriAdventure Challenge. In the past year, our camps, skills clinics, festivals and community outreach activities have allowed more than 2,000 people to experience the outdoors through adventure racing.

So far our success has relied on the dedication of volunteers. Our goal in 2011 is to secure corporate funding and sponsorship that will allow us to expand our participant base and broaden our positive impact in the outdoor endurance sports community.

Squat Shoes – Do You Need Them?

So many of our members are taking to squats to improve not only their leg strength but their entire body.

You know that you must have powerful, healthy legs to be able to log the distance to your routine. We all know that the benefits of deep squats are numerous. However, what you may not understand is one of the very best strategies to make sure your thighs and glutes remain powerful is by bending. And if it can at times be tough to give up an afternoon of working to get an evening of strength training, the advantages of weightlifting for us outweighs the annoyance of bypassing a daily.

Here, specialists have broken down the advantages of exercises and whatever you want to learn about proper squat shape.

squat bar on back

The squat is much more than a workout; it is a means of life. You’ll find life lessons you find under the pub you do not get from different lifts. When you are squatting heavy and you descend, you are placing yourself in danger’s way, however, you withstand it each time and stand straight up.

Many people love squats so much that they go out and buy a set of squat shoes. These have s number of strong benefits but some people wonder are squat shoes worth it.

Besides only strengthening the significant muscle groups utilized while jogging and providing you more springy joints, squatting boasts a lot of different benefits also. A correct squat with proper form demands a specific quantity of versatility.

The quads are made of four main muscles. These muscles help support leg and protect the knee out of uncertainty and bad patella tracking. Additionally, the quads play a massive part in our very first two or three measures of speed growth, which squatting will fortify and enhance.

And while exercises seem to function the significant glute and leg muscles, so they’re also an extraordinary core workout. “A optional, heavy squat needs greater abdominal bracing compared to a board. That back stability Is Essential to functionality, harm prevention, and enhancing a runner’s market

squat bar hands

Squats raise our capacity to leap, but they also boost our capacity to generate power in many situations. Leg extension, flexion, and hip extension are key players when we are sprinting, consuming force (landing of leaps and twisting in a rush ), leaping, and transferring weight. You will not get power by dismissing the greatest portion of your entire body, depriving, the lower extremities (legs).

Sprinting and electricity production go awry. Without strong leg flexion and hip extension, sprint rate is going to be jeopardized. Stronger legs permit the entire body to dig deeper to the floor (hamstrings) to propel forward.

The Downside Of Not Doing Squats

In case you’ve got an accident or problem which keeps you from squatting, do not worry –it will not be detrimental for your operating career. Rather, Fitzgerald recommends substituting exercises with squats, deadlifts, or comparable exercises. Why? There are different methods to reinforce the glutes, hamstrings, hamstrings, and quads, but being weak in these regions can really hurt one as a healer.

All that said, squatting is a whole lot more than simply another workout, it is a way to a more athletic, body. It not only strengthens your muscles, however it also affects natural hormone production and also builds a more powerful mind.